Dynamic Dental Scheduling presents installation instructions during the README phase of the installation.  However, it's understandable if these were missed.  There are not many prerequisites to a successful installation but they must all be followed to ensure the application runs correctly.

Dynamic Dental Scheduling installation can experience issues if the following steps are not taken. 

  1. Whitelist the dynamicds folder from your antivirus software (or add an exclusion for this folder).
    1. Since DDS is so new it is often flagged as a false positive from certain anti-virus products.  To ensure the application runs each time you need it, you MUST exclude the following folder from AV protection scans.
    2. C:\dynamicds
  2. Run the setup application following the installation.  This file will prepare your practice to maximize your schedule.
  3. Keep track of your archive password.  When you sync your data to the cloud, we don’t have any access to it.  The data is yours, not ours.  Your username and password for the DDS setup application are the same credentials you created when purchasing the software.  However, your archive password is unique, and not stored anywhere on our system, nor can we retrieve it.  Keep this password as you will need it to install DDS on your other computers.

If you have followed these steps and are still experiencing issues please open a ticket and we will resolve those issues for you as soon as possible.

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